The Future of residential home security and home management is NOW!

We offer only the latest and most advanced security and home management solution in the industry.



The GO CONTROL panel is a sleek, innovative touchscreen panel that is operated wirelessly through cellular towers.

The Go Control panel is the industry’s most technologically advanced wireless security system on the market. You can arm or disarm this system any where in the world that you have internet connection from your smart phone or computer.

This panel is easy to use and displays the date, time and weather on the screen.

GE Simon XT

AXIS provides the innovative Simon XT panel from GE. The Simon XT is the industry’s most technologically advanced wireless security system on the market.

This panel is equipped with a back up battery, single button arming option, chime aspect and a clear easy to read LCD screen.

Keychain Remote

The Keychain Remote works the same way as the keyless entry to your car.

With this remote you can arm and disarm your system from the outside of your home and can work up to 100 feet away.

Motion Detector

Motion Detectors are an effective way to protect your house when you are not home.

These sensors detect the movement of anything 2-3 feet off the ground and over 40 pounds, this allows for small pets to be inside the home while protecting the perimeter windows.

Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Sensors Detect the frequencies of breaking glass and provide security in situations where a motion detector wouldn’t be an option.

They are very effective at protecting several windows in common areas of the home.

Smoke Detector

Our Smoke Detector is monitored 24 hours a day.

This piece of equipment has saved countless lives and will provide you with peace of mind knowing that it will dispatch the proper authorities in the case of a fire.

Medical Pendant

For those with medical needs AXIS provides a medical pendant that will notify a medical authority to dispatch an ambulance.

The pendant can be worn either as a necklace or a watch and is activated by pressing and holding the button down for 3 seconds.

Door/Window Sensor

80% of home invaders come in through a perimeter door.

Securing your home’s doors is the first step to home protection. Door sensors also offer a chime feature for when the alarm is disarmed, allowing parents to monitor when children go in and out of specific doors in the hose.